About Us

DREWSKI BY HEENY was officially launched into the public realm in 2013. Brought to life by two guys with a huge vision for fashion and their aspiration to fuse simple minimalistic designs.

Our vision is to create a clean yet versatile contemporary look.  Using SIMPLE but effective designs, outstandingly DIFFERENT via the use of its dynamic shapes, cuts and the synergistic correlation between each of our pieces.

We strive for individuality and imaginative expression of oneself.
Our pieces are not designed in isolation; the entire look is evolved from a conceptual visualization. 

Each garment being designed to complement the next, with its shape, its cut, and the way the layers interlock with one another, creating a synergy between them.

We work hand in hand with our UK based manufacturers allowing us to ensure that 100% quality is attained.

DREWSKI BY HEENY strives to be on the forefront of innovators for oversized garments in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

From strength to strength......