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“Our vision is to create a clean yet versatile contemporary look”. This is why DREWSKI BY HEENY started. Two men with a dream, a love of fashion, and a keen eye for design. The idea that a collection, a line of clothing that comes out together, should work together is an idea that is often lost within the realms of independent clothing. Not with DREWSKI BY HEENY though, they design a collection around a concept, making sure that each items works with another, to produce an outfit, rather than individual items of clothing. This is how the larger fashion designers do it, this is without doubt one of the main features to a brand becoming extremely successful.

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Minimalistic designs, with a strong emphasis on the cut and fit of the garment is where the brand flourishes. Oversized clothing is the trend of the moment, but DREWSKI BY HEENY is more than just a fad brand, that have longevitity. Effort and care go into their production, quality is at the forefront of the clothing they create, and the people that buy of them notice that.

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The elements and spring collections are both very strong collections. They know what they are doing. They see the bigger picture and create from their influences. Not getting caught up on big prints or designs all over the clothing, they can focus on the shapes, the cuts, and the imagery that the clothing builds on a larger scale. This is very noticeable in the finished product, when you can reflect that into the clothing, without big visible prints, you know you’re doing something right.

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The clothes speak for themselves. They are one of my favourite brands out at the moment, so if you love oversized garms, or just love to look good and different, these are definitely for you. Get to Know DREWSKI BY HEENY

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 Cheers for the feature guys..... Look forward to the next installment.

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